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 AMS Acupuncture & Herbs for Pets is a mobile small animal holistic veterinary house call practice that services the south eastern portion of the  Inland Empire of Southern California. 

We specialize in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. We offer acupuncture, TCVM herbal prescriptions, massage and nutritional consulting including homemade diet formulations.  Many medical conditions can be responsive to acupuncture, herbals and dietary changes such as: arthritis, other forms of musculoskeletal disease, allergies, cancer, weak immune systems, kidney disease, liver disease, seizures, gastrointestinal disease, neurological disease, behavioral issues, and much more. 

What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is the stimulation of one or more predetermined points on the body that are able to create a variety of changes in that specific location and/or distant locations in the body. Acupuncture points are usually located in areas that have a higher density of nerve endings, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and mast cells (a type of cell that carries a lot of chemical mediators). This is like being located in an office with an internet connection, a phone/fax line, post office, and a telegraph. Thus, there are many ways to communicate with the rest of the body. It is believed that the cells in our body have several methods of communication including chemically and electrically. We believe that acupuncture utilizes both these methods of communication and perhaps other methods that we have yet to figure out. It has been demonstrated that acupuncture can release beta-endorphins, serotonins, and other neurotransmitters. Some chemicals that are released during acupuncture have even yet to be identified. In addition, many of the acupuncture points are located on particular meridians. This would be like their street or Email address. These meridians are like highways on a road map. Therefore, if you want to talk to a certain location in the body, you have to chose the proper set of directions. So you see, instead of taking a pill to tell the body to stop vomiting, we can do the same thing by inserting needles to tell the body to stop vomiting on it's own.

Our mobile services are routinely offered in the communities of Hemet, San Jacinto, Sun City, Perris, Moreno Valley,  Murrieta,  Nuevo, and Riverside. For questions about service to other areas, please call (951) 415-7754


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Client Testimonials

Meet Dr. Schoen

Dr. Shawn Schoen graduated from veterinary school at Iowa State University in 1989. He has been practicing veterinary medicine in the Inland Empire of southern California since graduation from veterinary school. Dr. Schoen worked with large and small animals for the first year after attending veterinary college, but has been working primarily with dogs,cats and some rabbits and rodents.

After many years in a traditional veterinary practice, Dr. Schoen realized that there were many conditions that traditional western medicine were unable to address adequately. For example, geriatric pet disorders and younger animals with chronic conditions. In 2005, Dr. Schoen began expanding the medical spectrum to include acupuncture and a more holistic approach to veterinary medicine. He received acupuncture certification in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) from the Chi Institute in 2008 and has been incorporating acupuncture and herbal medications into the traditional veterinary practice since February 2007. 

Dr. Schoen's interest expanded to the point that the decision was made to go part-time with the traditional veterinary practice in order to open a practice focusing entirely on acupuncture and herbal medications. Dr. Schoen enjoys reading, camping, kayaking, cycling, swimming, and just enjoying spending time with the dogs and cats at home.


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Why Choose Us

 "Dr. Shawn Schoen treated my beloved Australian Shepherd mix, "Blue", with acupuncture for a period of approximately 1-1/2 years. Blue had been suffering with hip dysplasia and was not responding well to medications, etc. I was referred to Dr. Schoen for treatments and Blue began to have less and less discomfort.I have no doubt that the acupuncture treatments extended his life and also gave me comfort as well to know that he had the best care possible.
Rosemary Pellegrino

 "Dr. Shawn Schoen has been treating my dogs for many years. I would highly recommend his acupuncture treatment for any animals who need help with mobility and/or pain relief! He exhibits a high level of knowledge and compassion so that he quickly becomes your animal's best friend ( as well as yours ). Dr. Schoen can also prescribe Chinese herbs in order to assist in the healing process, if necessary. Call him and find out what he can do for your animal family. I promise you will be happy you did ! "
Meryl Miller ( and my dogs, Rookie, Rally, and cat, Hunter)

"Three years ago, my beagle Sammy tore both his ACLS in his back legs...first one then the other. He limped, could not jump and at times. just fell. I was told surgery as soon as possible at a price tag of $4,000 to $7,000. He would need to stay confined for six weeks... and still there was no guarantee. I needed a second opinion. A good friend told me I NEEDED to try Doc Schoen. Doc said Sammy was a candidate for acupuncture and so we began. Within two months Sammy walked almost normally and soon, go up the steps and he could jump up once again on the recliner! Also, Sammy was prone to many ear infections and skin problems. Doc treated him with acupuncture and herbs for his skin which improved greatly and his monthly ear cleaning has Sammy's ears smelling and looking great. Even after, three years, Sammy and I look forward to Doc's visits. Doc's compassionate and warm personality bonds with every animal. I feel blessed that I found him for Sammy...and for me!"
Linda Tirabassi

"Dr. Schoen has been an essential partner in maintaining the health and well-being of our cats and dogs. He has helped our senior dog maintain good mobility and allowed our two cats with cancer to live longer, happier lives. I really appreciate his holistic approach and genuine care for our pets."
Amy S.

"We have had the privilege of being clients of Dr. Schoen's for over ten years. My pups love him so much I don't even think they realize he is their veterinarian! They think he's their wonderful friend who always makes them feel better. Dr. Schoen's first "miracle" working was with my dog Janka, who was not exactly the friendliest patient to other vets. But, Janka and Dr. Schoen clicked. I had taken Janka to countless vets when I lived in Los Angeles to try to get her allergies under control and it wasn't until she met Dr. Schoen that he worked his magic on her. Janka no longer suffered from allergies under the expertise of Dr. Schoen. He was also able to successfully manage her pain and help her to gain strength to walk as she suffered from disc disease (you can edit me here and put the the actual disease in, is it IVDD?). Janka always looked forward to seeing Dr. Schoen and he gave her the best quality of life! He has also worked that same magic in treating my dog, Astor's allergies. When Dr. Schoen first did acupuncture on Astor he was a bit of a scared pup.He wasn't sure what to make of all the needles. But with Dr. Schoen's patience and compassion Astor grew braver and braver and now loves his acupuncture so much that he relaxes and naps during his session! Dr. Schoen truly speaks the same language as the pups. Our dog Poppy loves Dr. Schoen so much that they are like one during their acupuncture sessions. Dr. Schoen has fixed EVERYTHING on this doxie! Poppy would be lost without the best vet in the world, Dr. Schoen. "
Michelanne Hrubic

 "Few people we meet enrich our lives, making us better for having known them. Dr. Shawn Schoen is such a person. Through Dr. Schoen’s care and expertise, our precious companions have longevity, and most importantly, quality of life. Utilizing state of the art Acupuncture techniques combined with laser therapy, has immensely improved the mobility, appetite, and sharpness of mind and spirit of our pets. If you are searching for top quality veterinary services offering expertise far above all others, we highly recommend Dr. Schoen. No doubt, our “angels on earth” would no longer be with us if not for Dr. Shawn Schoen. "
Clyde and Terry Santiago, Sassy, Chloe, Roxy, Bootsie, & Truffles.

"Dr Schoen’s abilities and instincts has given our four legged family members a puppy like rejuvenation through his expertise of acupuncture. He has literally put them back on their feet! "
Patrick M.

"We've had two aging dogs that had chronic degenerating nerve conditions which made it difficult and painful for them to get around. After their Acupuncture sessions you could see the relief in their eyes, and, even more so, in their mobility. Thank you Dr. Schoen for giving our babies the quality of life that they deserve in their golden years."
Misty G.

"My dog, Izabel has hip dysplasia. Dr. Schoen has been giving her acupuncture and laser treatments for almost 2 years. My dog is not the most willing patient. Regardless, Dr. Schoen works tirelessly, adjusting as he goes to provide the treatment she needs, despite her quirks. Izabel has come to trust Dr. Schoen enough that he is now her full time vet. And the treatments have helped her to continue to have the busy life she enjoys."

"Dr. Schoen is one of the finest vets that I have ever worked with. First, he really care about his patients. He treats my dogs as if they were his own and my dogs adore him. He is also extremely attentive and responsive to my concerns. Second, the acupuncture treatments that he provides to my dogs have made a big difference in their health. This is especially true for my very long Great Dane/Labrador mix who often has a sore back. Not only does my dog enjoy the acupuncture treatments, they also alleviate his stiffness and soreness. Finally, Dr. Schoen has provided me with other holistic treatments for my dogs. I appreciate that he understands that this is my favored method of treatment and makes recommendations accordingly. I cannot recommend Dr. Schoen more highly"
Michelle O.

"Our dog Mollie, a now 14 year old lab/Shephard mix started treatment with Dr. Schoen in Jan. 2014. In Nov.2013 she was having difficulty walking and even trying to get up to move. Her back/ spine was a mess. We tried many meds to try and alleviate her pain and to help her ambulate. By Dec. she was dragging her hind legs and we had to use a harness to help her walk to go outside. She didn't want to move. We were then so concerned about her quality of life that we discussed euthanasia. Since that was our last option, I called my vet to find out anything else we could try. They suggested we consult with Dr. Schoen. Mollie started treatment in Jan. and we saw results within the first month. She was able to get around without a harness and move around. Over the next few months she continued to improve and need fewer meds. She sees Dr. Schoen every four weeks and that is what keeps her going! She is an old lady now and doesn't run around but she can walk on her own and move around the house. We owe these last almost two years with her to Dr. Schoen. We recommend him to everyone as the treatment is non-invasive and is a viable option. It may not work for every pet as Dr. Schoen pointed out to us when we started treatment but it certainly worked for our girl and we still have her!"
Kathy V

"Dr. Shawn gave me my puppy back! I have a 9 year old boxer who loves tennis balls, 2 years ago she ran under my toy hauler chasing a ball and caught her back on the underside of the frame, this left her with a deep 4" scar down the center of her back. 2 sets of stitches from an emergency vet near our home and 6 weeks later the wound finally healed... But it turns out the scar was only a minor part of her injury, for two or thee months she had a limp in her run, she wouldn't jump to catch the ball, she wouldn't even jump into the truck. My wife found Dr. Shawn on the internet so we booked an appointment, during the consult he found that her back had been strained during the injury and was giving her pain similar to a pinched nerve, he also found that she had pain in her knee-probably from overuse and being crazy about fetching the ball. We were so impressed after the first session with his knowledge and all around love for animals that we wanted to see what he could do for Peschi. He saw her once a week for acupuncture and laser therapy and within a month she had made huge improvements. As therapy continued and she was getting stronger we went to every other week, then to once a month and now it's every 6 weeks. We continue to see him because Peschi acts like she's a 2 year old pup again. We also got turned onto a new food and fish oils that helped her loose 8 pounds which has also helped her a lot. Dr Shawn we can't thank you enough, Peschi has been with us for 9 years, she's given us 2 litters and 18 puppies and it wouldn't be the same if she was here but not active."
Cody H.

"Dr. Schoen saved my dog! In May 2012 Ginger was being treated by another vet she was ataxic and had gotten worse in the 2 months he was treating her. Honestly I wasn't sure of acupuncture but I had tried everything, she was at deaths door literally and then I found Shawn, within a few months she was able to walk. She has continued treatment since then and is pretty normal for all the problems she had. She loves her vet and we can't thank Shawn enough."
Cathie B.

"I am a vet tech and have worked with Dr. Schoen for 17 years. I worked with him before he started practicing Eastern medicine. When he started using the herbal medications I referred to them as "grass clipping". Then I began to see my older patients start having "old dog problems" and Dr. Schoens "grass clippings" made them feel better. One of our patients had an ear infection his whole life nothing cured him and one rx of herbs they were better. Ok so maybe there is something to those ancient secrets! One day the worst thing could happen my very own dog needed me and Dr. Schoen in practically in the worst way ever. "Cherry" is my second daughter and a complete member of our family. I came home from work to find her unable to use her rear legs and in horrible pain. I rushed her to work and treated her with all the things Western medicine could do I treated her every four hours all night long and on the phone with every neurologist in so cal. We almost had back surgery but 50/50 scared me and my family so much. I called Dr. Schoen and we meet outside of work because of course I needed him the week he was off. We meet outside of work he put her on herbs and acupuncture. I followed his directions did everything he told me to do some of which I didn’t quite understand. Today she is 100%. He saved her and us! Without Dr. Schoen she maybe in a cart or worse not here. Anytime Cherry needs Doc he is there for her from her tummy aches to her "devil dog" anxiety when terriers get bored. Sometime just a tune up to make her feel great. I have worked with many vets in my career. I would go anywhere to see Dr. Schoen and I have done so. I believe in him both from a owners point of view and a clinical one. "
Charlene P


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